Please read this important statement from Jeanne Pupke, released June 15, 2017: 

I join with fellow candidates, Alison Miller and Susan Frederick-Gray, in releasing the following statement:

We, the three candidates for UUA President, join our voices with those of the UUA Co-Presidents in naming our profound disappointment in discovering the outsized severances given to UUA staff upon their departures. We feel in our religious community, these arrangements represent a breach of trust. When power is given, it must be used with accountability and trust and not to privilege a few.

The information we have is an example of patterns of white supremacy and patriarchy in operation in the Association. We acknowledge with the co-Presidents that we have all been a part of the system that allowed this to happen. Our Association must live with higher standards than those demonstrated and we commit to living those higher standards in any future Presidency. We will work with the Commission on Institutional Change and the Board to uncover whether there are additional circumstances that have occurred and should come to light.

We applaud the transparency of the co-Presidents and we will support and continue their call to embark “on a broad and spiritually grounded attempt to see how the patterns of power and privilege operate in our community.” We candidates commit to transparency in leadership and to support and engage this ongoing work to analyze the way that power and privilege operate in the Association. We share our co-Presidents’ hope to confront practices that care more for the privileged than the whole and “toward a community that might live up to the description of Beloved.”

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I am running for UUA President because, in this time of rapid change in the religious and social landscapes, we need a President who inspires, one with proven executive skills, highest level Unitarian Universalist leadership experience, a person with a heart for the congregations and communities of our faith, an unfailing voice for social justice, and a clear vision for a stronger, more dynamic UUA.

I believe I can be this person.

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What do you believe is possible for Unitarian Universalism?

I believe that:

The greater our commitment to include all people, the stronger our claim to be a religion for our time.

The closer our congregations, the nearer Beloved Community.

The stronger our spiritual depth, the more effective our religious witness.

The clearer our mission, the more effective our efforts.

The more ambitious our dreams, the more important our systems and structures.

The more effectively we incorporate our youth and young adults in our discernments, the wiser we become.

The more intentionally we develop our leaders, the bolder and more inspirational we will become.

The more intentionally we understand ourselves to be one species of many, sharing a finite planet, the more peace we will know in our lives. 

What will you do as UUA President?

As UUA President, I will:

Always remember, the leader can and must inspire, so our hope is strong.

Faithfully love the congregations, the covenanted communities, the associations and have a heart for who they are, who they dream of becoming and my responsibility to do what can help that happen.

Lift up the message of justice, through our many voices, to the larger world.

Work as a wise partner with our Board in a Policy Governance framework, to collaborate, focus and name the ways we will can assure our efforts will succeed.


Be openhearted leader of our staff, willing to join with them in discerning the ways to serve our faith most effectively and one another most accountably.

Lead an effective and agile organization people love to work for.

Make the remarkable resources of Unitarian Universalism available, so everyone can discover the breadth of who we are and aspire to be. Create networks of learning communities with lay leaders and staff collaborating to improve existing systems and programs.

Help every congregation assess its strengths, make its plans and obtain the right support at the time it is needed.

Support and augment the efforts of the UUA Board to regularly connect with congregations, covenanted communities, and new groups as their sources of authority.

Strengthen clusters, congregations and covenanted communities in their connections to one another, so that we travel together in our faith.

With our congregation’s agreement, refocus of our efforts, on what matters most. 

Bring the wisdom of a long-partnered, “out” lesbian woman to the struggle against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, Islamaphobia and economic inequality.