Jeanne’s true gift is ability to teach the rest of us to lead with her

Simpson_Aija_2.jpgWhen I arrived at first UU Richmond as their Intern I was scared. I knew that I had a calling to ministry but I couldn’t imagine that I would ever really feel like a minister. Jeanne Pupke was exactly the mentor I needed. Jeanne helped me to discover the minister I knew I could be. Jeanne has an amazing ability to help people uncover and use their own gifts. She makes people better, she calls them to the best versions of themselves. Those of us who count her as a colleague know that she makes our ministries better but we are not the only ones.

I know that everyone who has ever worked with her would say she helped them be better at their jobs and everyone who has ever met her - colleagues, employees, congregants - would say she has helped us lead better lives. Jeanne’s true gift is not her ability to lead - though that gift is enormous - but her ability to teach the rest of us to lead with her. I know she will do the same as president of the UUA.

Rev. Aija Simpson
Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley
Boiling Springs, PA