Jeanne Pupke is a leader of leaders

Buice2.jpgJeanne Pupke is a leader of leaders. She can be our answer to Pope Francis’ statement, “Who am I not to judge?” by affirming, “Who are we not to celebrate the beauty and variety of the human family and all of creation?” She is a former Catholic sister who has found in our faith her liberating ministry.  

She will insist that we move beyond the consumer mentality "What can my faith do for me?” to “What can our faith do for the good of the world.” She is the eldest of 7 children so a life of great responsibility comes naturally to her. She is an experienced businessperson who understands that the material must serve the spiritual. She has the skills to lead our association in times of boom or bust with a solid set of values for making tough calls and acting on great opportunities.

She will speak truth to power, so be forewarned because we are the power to whom she will be speaking. She knows that we can never change the world without a good clear assessment of ourselves and our potential. She will challenge us and cherish us. My experience of Jeanne’s ministry and leadership has been under the most daunting of circumstances and so I know firsthand that she can bring clarity to chaos, calm to crisis, compassion to heartbreaking catastrophe. She has a heart of gold. She has given us her all. She has more to give. For these reasons, I endorse Jeanne Pupke for President of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Rev. Chris Buice
Senior Minister
Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church