Jeanne understands the place and power of white allyship

Rivera_Christine.jpgWhat I love about Jeanne is that she just gets it…everything from understanding the place and power of white allyship to using systems change theory in church administration. She understands both the vision of our faith that leads us towards change and the deeply entrenched ways in which things get done.

Having served on the UUA Board of Trustees she understands both the “means” and “ends” of our policy governance structure. Her leadership of a large congregation saw it transform itself into a racial justice juggernaut; she can harness the power of Unitarian Universalism and help collaboratively craft a vision for the future.

As a colleague, I have seen her work collaborative with staff as they challenge each other to grow in their collective and individual ministries. In particular, I’ve admired her commitment to working with religious educators as colleagues in ministry.   

As a woman of color, Jeanne has earned my trust and is an ally that can be relied upon to follow the lead of those from marginalized communities while giving wise counsel when asked.

In short, Jeanne just gets it.

Christina Rivera
Financial Secretary
UUA Board of Trustees

Director of Administration & Finance
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church, Unitarian Universalist
Charlottesville, VA