Only Jeanne Pupke has the experience of governance at the UUA level

Rev_Christine_Robinson.JPGI’m endorsing Jeanne for president, because of our three candidates, only she has the experience of governance at the UUA level.  Jeanne has been on the UUA Board of Trustees and has brought health and productive relationships to that body, as well as experiencing first hand how the pieces of our governance fit together.   Jeanne cares about the health of our association.

I’m endorsing her for president because of the effective work she has done at First Unitarian, Richmond, skillfully balancing institutional, denominational, and community leadership and building a church which is a home for liberal spirituality and a beacon of justice and love it its city. 

I’m endorsing Jeanne for president of the UUA because she is a creative thinker, a careful listener, a tireless worker, and a skillful leader. 

Rev. Christine Robinson
Senior Minister
First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque