Jeanne is a healer and someone who unites

Simpson_Cyndi.jpgI have known Jeanne since we were ministerial colleagues together in Virginia. I also had been a member of the Richmond congregation before I went to seminary (that was before Jeanne became the minister). With my longtime ties to the Richmond congregation, I have seen directly and personally the positive impact Jeanne has had on the congregation. They are healthy and vibrant in so many ways now.

My experience of Jeanne is that she has a huge passion, commitment and heart for our faith - every nook and cranny of it! For our congregations of all sizes, for our professional ministry and other religious professionals, for our presence in the world. Jeanne combines a large and beautiful vision with the practical know-how to bring that vision to life. She knows how to get folks to work together instead of at odds - she is a healer and someone who unites. Her commitment to justice in all its aspects is unwavering.

Given these times in our country and the world, as well as the important and critical changes to be made within our Unitarian Universalist faith, I can think of no one more suited to rise to the challenges and the opportunities than Jeanne.

Rev. Cindi Simpson
Developmental Minister
Second Unitarian Church of Omaha, Nebraska