This church has such a great vibe,” I heard one of the millennials say

Davis_Kathy.jpgI endorse Rev. Jeanne Pupke because of the ways she has reached out to our congregation since coming to Richmond as well as for the tremendous work I have seen her do at First UU. She provided us with valuable support and encouragement during our most recent ministerial search and warmly welcomed our new minister. Our two churches now collaborate in areas such as racial justice programs and a labyrinth ministry after many years of very little interaction.

Although I don’t attend First UU, I’ve admired the renewed energy she has brought to that congregation. Recently, their sanctuary was filled on a Sunday night with over 200 people, many of whom were millennials, for a meeting of the local chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

By welcoming that organization to use their space on a continuing basis, they’ve made an impression on a hard-to-reach age group. “This church has such a great vibe,” I heard one of the millennials say. What UU church wouldn’t covet that comment! I’d love to see what Rev. Pupke could do for UUs on a national level.

Kathy Davis
Unitarian Universalist Community Church
Glen Allen, VA