She can hear us whether we come from small congregations or large ones

Benton_Eunice.JPGJeanne Pupke has the presence, the passion, the experience and the abilities to be the kind of UUA President we need -- and it is my pleasure to add my voice to those recommending her for this pivotal role. I believe she is our finest choice for UUA President in 2017!

Jeanne can lead out of her own strong vision, but she is ever ready to be inspired by the dreams -- and needs -- of Unitarian Universalists across our diverse multicultural, multiracial, multigenerational community. She is a good listener. She can hear us whether we come from small congregations or large ones, whether we recently covenanted with Unitarian Universalism or were born into the tradition -- and whether we are pretty comfortable with our experience with this faith community or are struggling with some of its behaviors.

Jeanne understands our systems and our history -- our splendor and our messiness, our trials and our triumphant moments, our dreams and our moments of defeat. She knows we are colored by all those pieces, shaped by all those experiences.

In the end, it is my implicit trust in Jeanne Pupke, a trust that is linked to her integrity and dependability, that grounds my wish to endorse her for the UUA presidency. My experience of working with her in our UU faith community over a good number of years has brought me to the conclusion that she is our best choice to lead our congregations and our UUA staff now.

With enthusiasm, hope, conviction and much joy I recommend Jeanne Pupke to be our next UUA President!!

Eunice Benton
Former District Executive for the Mid-South District
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Oxford, MS