Jeanne's acumen is vital for our survival!

Kreicker_Graham.jpgJeanne's acumen is vital for our survival! Rev. Pupke is the only candidate and one of the few leaders in our denomination who has the acumen to guide us through the critical years ahead. I mean financial acumen based upon a successful business career. I mean the acumen that stems from a life of rigorous self-discernment. And, I mean pastoral acumen that comes from years of successful ministry, community leadership and service to our faith. Having served with Jeanne on our UUA Board of Trustees and Finance Committee, I know first-hand how she has "saved the day" on more than one occasion with her calm and loving approach.

Graham Kreicker
Member of the President's Council
Member of the UUA Stewardship and Development Committee 
Past UUA Trustee and Finance Committee member
Past President, UU Congregation of Fort Wayne, IN
Past President, UU Congregation of Lawrence, KS