Jeanne listens for what others know that she might not know

Brett_Jacqueline.jpgIt is with great intention and deep discernment that I am endorsing Jeanne Pupke to be our next president of the UUA. Jeanne brings strong and proven leadership capacities, spiritual insight and deep wisdom. She is a compassionate and thoughtful visionary who pays attention and listens to the concerns of those around her, and she also listens FOR what they know that she might not know. Especially important is that she has been consistently engaged in the work of dismantling racism and structures of oppression in our movement and in the world beyond it long before others awakened to the fact that it was something that still needed to be addressed. We are at a critical time right now in Unitarian Universalism. A time that needs the leadership of Jeanne Pupke.

Jacqueline Brett
Student Minister
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Durham, NC