Jeanne holds the power of character to inspire us to our best selves

Larsen_Janine.jpgOur next UUA President must be ready to help us lead from three core strengths: Pastoral presence, prophetic voice and vision, and practical wisdom. We are facing deep challenges in our Association and our nation, and brave speeches are not enough. Protest is not enough, passion is not enough, posturing is not enough. The power and reach of our faith is in our congregations –large, small, in-between, and diversely expressed. Our next UUA President must mobilize this power to spread out and raise up, not concentrate in a center that feels increasingly remote and aloof, dismissive and insulated.

I support the Rev. Jeanne Pupke for UUA President because she has the skill, determination and experience to pull together a complex organization that yearns for unity but often acts in division. Jeanne has cultivated the spiritual depth necessary to bring forth the marginalized and summon re-balance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Jeanne holds the power of character to inspire us to our best selves, to find common ground and to wrestle the angel of misplaced intention. And, Jeanne has the good sense, business acumen, and collaborative conviction to work insightfully with staff, donors, congregational leaders, and affiliates to bring our budget to stability and our focus to the future of possibility.

This faith which we love, this Association which we co-create, I entrust to the care and gifts of the Rev. Jeanne Pupke. Please join me: Work to elect Jeanne Pupke, UUA President.

Janine Larsen
Director of Ministries
University Unitarian Church
Seattle, Washington