Others join her because they trust her

When Rev. Jeanne Pupke stands up, others join her because they trust her and are guided by her insights, compassion and mettle. She understands the Human Condition and feels what others feel because she has her fingers on their pulse. Their heartbeats affect her heartbeat and create within her the commitment and determination to make certain her reaching out and touching are legitimate acts of ultimate respect and confirmation of dignity. Her life has been a daily trek of creating spaces and environments wherein people discover themselves and become empowered to stand up and be visible and vocal.

Jeanne has the background and experience to be comfortable in small intimate environments and in large gatherings. She knows the value and purpose of covenant groups and how to position them within congregations. Equally and more pervasively, she holds the knowledge, skills and abilities essential to be an effective leader of large groups...be they a local congregational or a national organization.

I believe Jeanne Pupke is the leader most needed today by UUA. She has the vision, strength, stamina, determination, and commitment to become the President of UUA. I ask you to join me in endorsing and supporting her and in celebrating her standing up for UUA in the most personal and professional way possible...the giving of herself for the mission of UUA.

John Whitley
Co-Chairperson of the Unitarian Universalists Legislative Ministry of Virginia