Jeanne Pupke is a rare leader who can get people excited

Kathryn_1.jpgJeanne Pupke is the rare leader who can get people (me!) excited to attend stewardship committee meetings.  She was incredibly generous with our congregation after our minister passed away unexpectedly. She offered invaluable pastoral care, wise counsel with specific tools to strengthen our internal systems and our relationships with other congregations, and regularly filled our pulpit with worship services we were proud to invite visitors to attend. With support from Rev. Jeanne and the other UU ministers, sister congregations, and UUA staff she helped rally around us, we not only survived our year after the loss of Reverend Slade, we emerged an even stronger congregation. During that period, we completed an ambitious stewardship campaign, kept searching for our new building, and even continued to grow our membership. She is, as others have mentioned, the "total package". Rev Jeanne connects with youth, is a tireless advocate for social justice work and individual spiritual growth, serves as a thoughtful mentor who grows the faith, and does it all while effectively leading a large organization. She has the ability and skills to manifest a uniquely UU vision for our world.  We would all be blessed and lucky to have her represent us as our Association's President. 

Kathryn Perry
Member of Unitarian Church of Norfolk
Norfolk, VA