Jeanne is uniquely suited to address the challenges facing us

Caggiano_Mark.jpgAn unwise man once said that he found it surprising that it was hard to be the president. In the same way, the UUA needs a president ready to lead, someone with the talent to guide, the determination to endure, and a vision to bring Unitarian Universalists together at a time of national crisis and global significance unlike any in my lifetime. 

Therefore, I heartily endorse Jeanne Pupke to become the next President of the UUA. The questions facing our Association require an understanding of the challenges of the times as well as the possibilities for fundamental organizational change. Jeanne is uniquely suited to address those challenges and possibilities through her depth of experience in the ministry and the working world. We need someone ready to lead and to serve, someone familiar with the demands of an organization and possessing the wisdom to overcome the obstacles before her. We need Jeanne.

Rev. Mark J.T. Caggiano, Minister
First Church in Chestnut Hill
Chestnut Hill, MA