My vote is going to the woman who will hit the ground running

Killoran_Maureen.jpgI was leaning toward endorsing Jeanne but it was her answer to one specific question that sealed my commitment, specifically, how she sees Unitarian Universalism adapting to confront and thrive in the reality that was obviously different from the one in which she declared her candidacy. Jeanne’s response was grounded in relationship, in the importance of moving beyond the current focus on extended regionality, and restoring the sense of human connection. She spoke about the need for the UUA’s focus to return to its tap root, and to build and support the energy and enthusiasm of its congregations.

In addition, Jeanne has what is for me vital in our UU president – extensive and successful experience in running large organizations.

Without in any way intending to demean the other two candidates, my vote is going to the woman who will hit the ground running, and who has the vision to rebuild UU as a relational institution.

Based in strong relationships, successful outreach and structural change beyond our walls, we will thrive.

I support Jeanne Pupke for UUA President.

Rev. Maureen Killoran
Developmental Minister
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville, FL