Gleaning from Jeanne Pupke’s wisdom and insight is a gift

Rev_Nan_White.jpgGleaning from Jeanne Pupke’s wisdom and insight is a gift.  I experienced it first hand when at the end of my 15 years of ministry, with my bags packed to move across the country, a 14 year boy in my congregation suddenly died, pushing the congregations need for pastoral care over the edge. Jeanne reached out to me saying ‘After you leave town, let me send one of my interns to your congregation to give pastoral care support. Your congregation's loss of you and the young boy needs a ministerial presence in their midst.” 

Jeanne’s like that. She has the ability to assess situations objectively and offer strategies to help. I’ve known Jeanne as a colleague for about 10 years and I’ve witnessed her ability to name what is, which then allows for movement forward. 

As President of the UUA, I believe her skill in assessment, vision, and collaboration will benefit our association in ways we can only dream about today. Jeanne has a drive and passion for our faith and a love for the people with strengths in leadership.  Her experience, education and knowledge of congregations and beyond will inform and support her ability to lead the UUA into the spiritual revolution our globe is facing. I have complete trust in Jeanne’s commitment and covenant to our faith and I believe she brings vast experience to the table, coupled with a sense of honor the position of President carries.  

Rev. Nan L. White
Minister Emerita
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Beaufort
Beaufort, South Carolina

Developmental Minister
Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship