Jeanne invites people to be more than they are

Patricia_Owen.jpgI am so excited that in June 2017, we will elect a woman president of the UUA.

Today want to talk to you about why I put my whole heart into endorsing Jeanne Pupke for president.

I have known Jeanne in four capacities: as her congregant, employee, intern minister/student minister who she guided through ministry, and now my beloved colleague.

I believe it is time to elect a president of UUA who has a bridge between ministerial depth and business understanding. Jeanne is without question that candidate.

Jeanne is also a leader of leaders. She invites people to be more than they are.

Jeanne is a woman who casts vision and allows those around to make that vision come to life.

I look forward to dialoging with you, answering your questions, and I look forward to saying congratulations to my beloved colleague Jeanne Pupke next June as she becomes –rightly so - our next UUA president.

Rev. Patricia Owen
Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa, FL