Jeanne doesn’t make compromises when it comes to our UU principles and values

Jane_Page.jpgI am here to lend my support to Jeanne Pupke for our next UUA president.

I first met Jeanne back in 2001 when I became accepted as a modified residential student at Meadville Lombard. She was one of the students a little ahead of me giving me advice. I felt so grateful.

Then I got there and I realized it was not just a personal thing with me, she was a true leader. Whenever we needed something done, we would call on Jeanne to help up. She has the expertise, the leadership ability, and was the person who knew how to do an agenda and how to move it through.

She was also the person who could listen and understand what we wanted to accomplish

I was so delighted that she left Oregon and came to Richmond, Virginia, because being in Georgia she was then in my chapter. By then I was chapter leader, and once again, Jeanne was there for me to call on when we needed advice.

The main thing she brings to us is her passion; she is so passionate about our faith and about social justice.

Jeanne is a great negotiator, but she doesn’t make compromises when it comes to our UU principles and values. Jeanne moves us forward in ways I am proud to call her a friend, proud to be her colleague, and I hope I to call her our next president of the UUA.

Rev. Jane Page
UU Fellowship Statesboro and
UUs of Coastal Georgia