Rev. Jeanne nurtures organizations and people

Kandis_Peter.jpgI strongly support Rev. Jeanne in her run for president of the UUA. The UUA is a large non-profit institution and of our three candidates only Rev. Jeanne has successfully led a variety of large organizations. This is not an area where we can take a chance that someone will grow into the job.

Rev. Jeanne’s leadership expertise is especially noteworthy in the congregations she has served. She has grown the congregations she has ministered from the beginning of her career with small congregations to now where she nurtured First Richmond to be among the fastest growing large congregations with 70% growth in membership in just over ten years. Rev. Jeanne has not accomplished these feats on her own. It is her unique ability to recognize and nurture the talents of those around her that has led to her many successes.

Under Rev. Jeanne’s careful guidance and hard work, First UU Richmond has become a paramount training congregation with four ministerial interns and several others benefiting from her mentoring. These mentees will spread the saving message of Unitarian Universalism. This is very personal for me not only because of my love for Unitarian Universalism but because several of Rev. Jeanne’s protégés are among my best and most productive UU friends.

In short, Rev. Jeanne nurtures organizations and people and the circle of success grows ever wider. We need Rev. Jeanne to be our next UUA President.

Peter Kandis
Member of the UU Congregation of the Lowcountry, Bluffton, SC
Vice Chair of Commission on Appraisal
Member of Religious Educators Credentialing Committee
Member of the Regional Leaders Group (formerly DPA)
Trustee of The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center