Jeanne is the candidate who is best able to speak for our whole organization

Shaw__Amy_Petrie.jpgI’m endorsing Jeanne because, while I respect all three candidates, Jeanne is the one who is best able to speak for our whole organization. 

She understands the big churches, but she also understands the daily issues of the mid-size and small congregations, where the challenges range from how do we rise up for social justice to how do we rise up and pay for the new bathroom sink. 
She is practical, she is prophetic, and she can steer a course that moves bravely forward between extremes. 

Jeanne is my choice because she understands that we all need a voice, whether we live in Boston, California, or Hartland, Wisconsin.

Rev. Amy Petrie Shaw
Settled minister
Lake Country Unitarian Universalist Church
Hartland, Wisconsin