Jeanne inspires and challenges with clarity and power

tandy.jpgJeanne Pupke is visionary, generous, and savvy leader. She is the leader we need for the Unitarian Universalist Association. We need someone with business management experience and a proven track record. Jeanne's background in the coffee industry as well as the flourishing of the congregation she leads in Richmond VA testify to her financial leadership excellence. We need a visionary, compelling spokesperson for our faith. As a Ministerial Intern at First UU Richmond in 2013/14, I witnessed Jeanne's giftedness in making public statements. She inspires and challenges with clarity and power. Finally, Jeanne is a true minister. Her ministry arises out of her profound spiritual and theological groundedness. Jeanne will minister to all Unitarian Universalists. She will help us navigate the places where we are broken and lead us into deeper, wider covenant with one another and with our world. Jeanne has my vote. I hope you will join me with yours.

Rev. Tandy Scheffler
Minister of Faith Formation
Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist, TN