When Jeanne makes a promise, she delivers

Tanner_Robin.jpgI am definitely “Up with Pup.” 

Jeanne Pupke has the track record, the skills and the knowledge to lead us as president of the UUA .

.Jeanne is grounded in a covenantal theology.

When I first moved to the Southern Region, it was Jeanne, who was then serving on the UUA Board of Trustees, who reached out to me

She wanted to let me know she was available if I had any questions, or ideas; she wanted to hear my thoughts, hear my vision, and form OUR UUA

Jeanne is also a get it done kind of person, when she makes a promise, she delivers. I have known her to be consistent, to be responsive and to keep her promises.

And last, Jeanne is a visionary, she leads one of our pioneering congregations, the large congregation of First UU Church in Richmond.

So that’s why I am Up with Pup: she delivers, she’s visionary and she is grounded in the covenantal philosophy we need so desperately to focus on now.

I hope you will be “Up with Pup” too.

Rev. Robin Tanner
Minister of Worship and Outreach
The Unitarian Church in Summit
Summit, New Jersey