Rev. Jeanne knows what it means to be in relationship

Ellis_Tesse.pngTwo years ago, when our minister passed away, the church in Richmond came to assist us. They provided us with choir, services, ministers – everything we needed to keep going.

It was a trying time for me, because within a month of our minister dying, my father passed away.  I was grieving doubly and it was very difficult for me. One of the reasons I continued to come to church was because we had the support of Jeanne Pupke and First Church Richmond. When I joined the UU church of Norfolk, it was Jeanne Pupke who shook my hand.

I am so appreciative that we had the support of another congregation in this difficult time, and that’s why I support Jeanne Pupke for President of the UUA. She knows what it means to be in relationship.

Tesse Ellis
Member, Unitarian Church of Norfolk, VA