Tips for an effective endorsement

What does it mean to ENDORSE Rev. Jeanne for President of the UUA?

An endorsement is an opportunity for you to say WHY you think she will be the best UUA president, based on your own experiences and observations.  For example, you can address topics such as these:

  • visionary leadership
  • organizational management
  • compassion
  • calm in tough situations
  • a varied and relevant work history
  • voice for social justice
  • building strong relationships
  • living the 1st UU mission and UUA principles
  • fundraising expertise
  • strength of character
  • expertise with budgets, spending and accountability

Address the one or two things that you have had the most experience with. Tell a story or give an example, if you can. We encourage you to write your endorsement offline and then copy and paste it on the form. Please keep it to no more than 200 words. 

And please upload a photo. It makes your endorsement more personal and allows us to feature it on social media.