Why I’m running for President of the Unitarian Universalist Association

Jeanne_Pupke_03_by_Nancy_Pierce.jpgUnitarian Universalism is a religion of hope for me. Our faith’s loving, inclusive, ever-expanding embrace welcomes me and you and countless others who have yet to discover us – a faith that teaches WE are at our best when we OPEN our hearts and minds to those different from us and JOIN together, working side-by-side, to build a more just and peaceful world.

I am running for President of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) because I believe that the key to meeting the challenges of this time rests in listening to, working with, supporting, and empowering YOU. It rests in CONGREGATIONS. When we build vibrant congregations, connected in a thriving, growing network sharing ideas, innovating together – congregations engaged in their communities, raising their voices in the public square, committing their hearts and hands to the work of building beloved community – they embody what it means to be a faith on fire.

I am running because I bring to our faith a demonstrated record of organizational leadership and growth in and outside of ministry. I believe that when we invest in our people, when we help people develop their full potential as humans, not only will they grow and prosper, so will their congregations.

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond has grown 71% in the eleven years I’ve served there, adding almost 300 new members, including many dynamic young adults, making ours one of the fastest growing congregations in our Association, and we’ve done it by clarifying who we are, who we serve, and how we welcome. I believe that, together, we can do this same thing for the network of congregations and communities that are the UUA.

I want to be President of our Association because to make this thriving network of congregations a reality, the UUA must evolve to a responsive, engaged structure that focuses its resources on facilitating connections between congregations, supporting the development of lay leaders, and helping UU’s build, nurture, and sustain meaningful relationships within and across congregations.

This kind of responsive, engaged UUA is the UUA I’d like to lead for you.

I want to be your President because I’m convinced we CAN rise to the challenges before us, and because my deep love for this faith convinces me that we MUST.

With a thriving network of congregations, a responsive, engaged UUA, and each of you, ours WILL be a faith on fire, with UU’s living out our values for all to see, with our faith’s saving message resounding across the world so that everyone who needs what we offer, what Unitarian Universalism offers, finds our faith - and finds us.

I hope you'll consider supporting my candidacy. 

Jeanne Pupke