Jeanne has a firm handle on the importance of multiculturalism

Kacela_Xolani_.jpgI met Jeanne in 2012 as I was preparing for the ministry in Durham, NC. And Jeanne and I spoke about my assignment, my new settlement. She was very focused in terms of helping me understand what kind of ministry I’d have and how I could help the ministry.

I liked her way of identifying very concrete things like understanding the mission, the church’s vision; she helped me be very intentional about keeping that focus and vision in everything that I did. And she helped me to formulate some goals as a good background or foundation for enacting my ministry.

Jeanne has a firm handle on the importance of multiculturalism, how to welcome people who are different than the traditional UU, people of color, who may be marginalized, people who are looking for a faith that has promise and hope.  

And people who need a sense of vision and want to be welcomed into a beloved community. I have seen First Richmond live out those aims and those goals and the church has grown.

Jeanne has a strong vision and knows how to put that vision into action. I know she wants to welcome people into the UUA.  And she wants us to be welcoming to all people.

Rev. Xolani Kacela
Spiritual Performance Training and Education Coordinator
Uniformed Services University at MacDill AFB
Tampa, FL